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Extract from: Why we must cherish the NHS


... Every minute of every day dedicated healthcare practitioners and support staff demonstrate their skill, commitment and genuine concern for their patients' well-being. We owe them an enormous debt of gratitude. We must never take what they do for granted. They are all heroes - the cleaners, consultants, nurses, hospital porters, junior doctors, paramedics, radiographers, GPs, physios, administrative staff and many more.


And neither must we ever take the idea of the NHS for granted. We must be willing to fund it generously through fair taxation, we must keep striving to improve it, and we must cherish it for the immense contribution it makes to the quality of our lives. It is in the interest of all of us that we cherish it, and cherish it we must.


For the full post click here


Extract from: Brexit - a global, good news story


... However, Britain must renew its global presence in ways other than through trade and business.  Not by trying to become a global military power again but by doing the opposite: by becoming a global, peaceful force for good in the world...


We can offer a new kind of leadership to the global community. We can offer it quietly, gently and with humility, with no flag-waving and no air of self-importance. We can offer it respectfully, valuing other beliefs and traditions, whilst firmly putting the arguments for tolerance, human rights, fairness and democratic institutions. We can offer it in a spirit of neighbourliness, love and compassion...


A book that celebrates a well known landmark seen by millions of people who travel through Somerset each year. 





Another great poem by Gareth Owen:


Time Child 


Dandelion, dandelion,

Dandelion flower,

If I breathe upon thee

Pray tell me the hour.


Little child, little child,

Little child I pray,

Breathe but gently on me

Lest you blow the time away.


From: Something I Remember, Quercus Poems for Children.


For other poems by Gareth Owen and copyright acknowledgement click here




Old Church of St Nicholas, Uphill 

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