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Forever Learning: thoughts on the past, present and future of education


Alan Kerr


Price 5.99 including postage


The book includes: a discussion of the different sorts of learning that human beings undertake; a brief history of education; the state of educational provision today; the achievements and shortcomings of education; consideration of our examination system; the purposes of education and its future direction.


Packed with a wide range of ideas and insights it raises the issues that need to be addressed in classrooms and society as a whole. It is ideal reading for introducing these issues to new entrants to the profession.


Use these links for more information, extracts and the whole of Chapter 7, Purposes




Brent Knoll: A notable hill in Somerset


Alan Kerr


Illustrations by Sylvia Mears


Price 6.99 including postage


This book is a celebration of a landmark seen by millions of people who travel through Somerset each year. It will appeal to a wide range of readers especially those who live in this part of the West of England, those who are visiting the area and those who simply enjoy reading about the landscape, history and people of our country. 


For more information go to: Brent Knoll




Quercus Poems for Children


Anthologies compiled by Alan Kerr and illustrated by Sylvia Mears


Books 1 - 4 price 3.50 each including postage, 10.00 for all 4 titles


The four anthogies contain great children's poetry, in fact great poetry for all the family. The high quality of the poems selected is sure to bring pleasure to children and adults alike.


Moreover, for students preparing to teach in primary schools they will make an excellent resource. They contain a great variety of poems suitable for Years 3 to 6 and most of them are perfect for learning and reciting.


For more information go to: Poetry




The Pied Piper of Hamelin


Robert Browning


Illustrated by Sylvia Mears


Price 3.50 including postage


This unabridged version of the poem is handsomely illustrated with pencil drawings and its appeal to children is guaranteed. In primary schools it is particularly useful for drama and choral speaking in Years 5 and 6.


See: Pied Piper




Plowden's Progress


Alan Kerr


Price 4.99 including postage


2017 marked the 50th anniversary of the Plowden Report, one of the most significant reports on education ever produced. This short book examines the underlying philosophy of the Plowden movement and discusses its profound effect on the classroom.


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