Plowden's Progress

2017 marked the 50th anniversary of the Plowden Report, one of the most significant reports on education that has ever been produced. This short book examines the underlying philosophy of the Plowden movement and discusses its profound effect on the classroom.


Not everyone will agree with the views expressed but I hope my verdict on this exciting but ultimately flawed approach to education is fair. I believe the book, published to mark the 40th anniversary, makes a serious contribution to the ongoing debate about the future of primary education and I'm sure the issues it raises will be relevant for as long as children learn and teachers teach.

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School Report


School Report is a web journal I compiled in 2001 and then picked up again in 2006 continuing until 2012. It ran to 120 editions and contains articles on a wide range of educational issues. Much of what I have written is still highly relevant today and I hope readers will therefore find the content interesting and thought-provoking.