Corona Thoughts 2


More letters, emails and tweets - to the government, MPs and others.

I live in hope that if enough people express their views calmly and rationally this will contibute to the decision-making.


Apologies for entries not being in chronological order. I've deleted quite a few names.




We should have had a government of national unity months ago. The Queen as our constitutional monarch is the person best placed to ask Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer to end tribal politics, form a unity government and bring everyone together to fight the virus.




Appallingly heartless and uncaring comments from ***. Also irrational and intellectually flawed. If that's what he thinks of his more elderly constituents he should resign as an MP.



University of Cambridge

Dear ***

I listened to your recent comments about the virus and wonder if instead of learning to live with it, or appeasing it as I call it, we should be doing the opposite and working flat out to kill it off altogether. I’m not exactly sure how older and more vulnerable people are to be protected, as you and others suggest they should be, when they are as integrated into society as everyone else. If they are to have their liberties restricted that would, in my view, be worse than not being able to have a drink in a pub after 10pm.

We have had the most appalling and wholly avoidable carnage in this country, one of the worst pro-rata death rates in the world. This has happened because of the delay in lockdown and the fact that it wasn’t tight enough, the delay probably resulting from spending time considering the insane concept of herd immunity as a strategy for reducing the spread of infections.

As you know many countries have successfully managed to control the virus and have kept death rates and infections down. Taiwan, Singapore and Vietnam as well as Australia, New Zealand and Nigeria have all been extremely successful. I do not understand why we cannot copy what they have done and avoid further large scale loss of life.

Let’s destroy the virus, not learn to live with it.

Yours sincerely



If a UK wide circuit breaker saves just one life in each MP’s constituency this is 650 lives saved. It will save many more than this but on its own this is reason enough to have one immediately. Regrettable but only way to save lives as virus is rampant.

No MP should oppose it.


Correct behaviour from EVERYONE and we can DESTROY THE VIRUS not learn to live with it. See how at:


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Strongly support what PM said. But message about following the rules needs to be put across very firmly - and enforced very firmly. 

May be time for a national circuit breaker and time to use the military as covid marshals.

Self isolation must be rigorously enforced - as it is in Singapore.

We must all be absolutely determined to chase down the virus to the point of almost eliminating  it.





Could PA please ensure *** sees this. I'm a national constituent, not a local one, so no reply is needed. Many thanks. AK


Dear ***


I listened to you last night and thought I would let you know that I very strongly disagree with your views on the 10pm curfew. It surely cannot be a great infringement of our liberty to ask people to leave pubs at 10pm. The disturbances and bad behaviour on the streets after this time are not, as you suggest, a result of the curfew they are obviously the result of alcohol fuelled and irresponsible conduct. There is no other explanation and it is delusional not to accept this simple truth. Those in a position of authority like yourself are doing a huge disservice to the country by continuing to put protecting these minor liberties before saving lives. Tragically we have had the most appalling and avoidable carnage in the UK and we must ensure this is not repeated.

As for your point about buying alcohol at retail outlets after 10 pm that should have been prohibited months ago. Personally I would close pubs altogether and ban the sale of alcohol within the restrictions of a national circuit breaker which is probably now required.

I urge you to reconsider your views, which I accept is always difficult to do. I am absolutely certain that the way to defeat the virus is not to appease it by learning to live with it but to destroy it by everyone exercising self-discipline and accepting imposed discipline. We should be following the example of many other countries which have virtually eliminated the virus and not bracing ourselves for the bumpy road which the prime minister anticipates. This is defeatism of the highest order.

I live in hope that you may reconsider your position and if so perhaps persuade your colleagues to do the same.




*** - I heard your recent comments about a national circuit breaker and I am absolutely convinced that you and the government are making another huge error of judgement that will have tragic consequences. The government was far too late to act in the spring, despite warnings from many of us, and this led to the most appalling carnage imaginable. The virus is now out of control all over the country and there will be a further massive loss of life if decisive action is not taken immediately. The Welsh government is right to impose its restrictions.

I urge you to rethink your position and persuade your colleagues to do so also. You have a moral duty to put lives before livelihoods - the latter can be restored, the former cannot. There is no balance to be struck whatsoever between the economy and preserving human life.

My most recent tweet is set out below and should be read by all MPs.

It is difficult for any of us to change our minds about something but present circumstances demand that you and your colleagues have the moral courage to do so now.


Alan Kerr


If a UK wide circuit breaker saves just one life in each MP’s constituency this is 650 lives saved. It will save many more than this but on its own this is reason enough to have one immediately. Regrettable but only way to save lives as virus is rampant.

No MP should oppose it.

Correct behaviour from EVERYONE and we can DESTROY THE VIRUS not learn to live with it. See how at:




EXIT STRATEGY for north and whole country must be to ELIMINATE infections by:

National circuit-breaker

Govt of national unity



Full focus

Impeccable behaviour and discipline

100% compliance with rules

Above all by caring for each other whatever our age



FAO Matt Hancock, 


Secretary of State for Health and Social Care


Mattt - I've been told I need to put in a formal request to make an appointment to speak with you so may I formally request one now. I am an ordinary voter who has taken an interest in politics for most of my life and my views, probably like most people's are a mix of left, right and centre.

I am extremely concerned that Coronavirus is now completely out of control and we have a new wave of carnage upon us. I do not subscribe to the view that there is a balance to be struck between lives and livelihoods. The latter can be restored but lost lives cannot be. The government has a moral duty to protect lives and in fact I regard this as the first duty of any modern government.

The only way to reduce infections and prevent further large-scale loss of life is to introduce a nationwide circuit breaker immediately. This is supported by two-thirds of the electorate and is the advice given by many scientists.

We simply must strive to eliminate the virus, not learn to live with it.  Countries like Taiwan, China and New Zealand have been able to do this by imposing measures to restrict its spread. 

I should like very briefly to reinforce this view over the telephone and as action is urgently required perhaps this could be on Friday 30 October either between 9 and 10 am or 4 and 5 pm. I spoke to my MP over the phone a few weeks ago but talking to him again will not be useful at present.

My number is:

Many thanks if you can find a moment to have a quick listen to my concerns which are shared by the overwheming majority of people in this country.

Best regards




Completely agree with you. Have contacted BBC about it and trust lots of other people will. I'm shocked that some MPs seem so unconcerned about the appalling loss of life and the suffering and anguish this has brought.




We don't need data from computer models. We can see for ourselves the appalling carnage that the virus has wreaked on society. Tens of thousands of people have died in UK which has brought unimaginable suffering and grief.

We need compassion, ***





It will be a sign of moral and political courage to change course and introduce a lockdown. Strength not weakness.

We need it to save lives - the first duty of government.




Decision to have a lockdown or not is one of the most momentous to be taken in peacetime - this is not an exaggeration.

Prime Minister can show real leadership if he goes ahead with it. It is strength not weakness to change course and it takes moral and political courage. 





PM’s office

Lockdown absolutely the right decision - the only decision. Very pleased, Boris, you showed leadership, strength of character, and moral and political courage. Nothing wrong in changing course but difficult with all the pressures from different quarters.


Only strategy to beat Covid is this:


Govt of national unity



Full focus

Impeccable behaviour and discipline

100% compliance with rules







I'm not sure how the presenter knows that few people seem to think Boris Johnson has got it right.  No opinion poll evidence cited.

I suspect the opposite is true - many people, including myself, think he's got it right.

Also far too much prominence given to anti-lockdown views and not enough to views that support it.


FAO: MPs who voted against the lockdown


I’m extremely saddened and shocked that you voted against the lockdown. Once again we have carnage in our country with all the anguish and suffering this brings. We all want the economy to recover, and it will, but at the moment we must do our utmost to suppress the virus. To do this effectively we clearly need the lockdown and very regrettably this has a serious effect on livelihoods and liberties.

As I have said many times before, livelihoods can be restored but lost lives cannot. This is why you should have voted to support the lockdown.

Your action was most unwise and not in the best interests of the country you serve but I hope you will reflect on what you have done, reconsider your position and urge all your constituents to comply with the rules.

I also hope you will see the wisdom of having a government of national unity which would be a powerful sign that we all need to come together as a society to fight the virus. We are surely all on the same side in wanting to prevent further large scale loss of life.

By far the best way to save lives and get society back to almost normal is to come as close as possible to eliminating the virus altogether. This is what countries in East Asia and Australasia have done successfully by having strong restrictions combined with individual discipline. If we follow their example we will get there.


@ *** 7/11/20

Not happy about your comment on A Qs about life expectancy - implies that you should be killed off when you reach average life expectancy.

Plus you and your followers are completely wrong about herd immunity It failed in Sweden and their new approach is failing now


Great news about the vaccine but once again we have appalling and tragic CARNAGE.