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More letters, emails and tweets - to the government, MPs and others.

I live in hope that if enough people express their views calmly and rationally this will contibute to the decision-making.


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Only a fair COP



Coming together as a global community

Progress on key issues

Calm rational discussion (& mask wearing)


Not good:

2 biggest factors that cause probs ignored:

1 Over consumption of non-essential goods & services

2 Too many people on planet



Let’s keep thanking trees – and occasionally give them a hug.


Horrific number of excess deaths. Tragically Johnson, Javid, Whitty and Valance seem to find it acceptable as do MPs from all parties. What has happened to idea that 1st duty of govt is to protect its citizens and what has happened to morality?



So far, Mr Javid, your contribution has been 12,223 deaths from Covid. Desperately tragic for loved ones, nearly all avoidable and nearly all your responsibility.

Perhaps it's time to leave the government.



So far, while Sajid Javid has been Health Secretary, there have been 12,223 deaths from Covid. Desperately tragic for loved ones, nearly all avoidable and nearly all his responsibility.

Perhaps it's time for him to leave the government.



Johnson’s car crash on sleaze issue is nothing compared with his Covid crash. 167,000 innocent people have crashed over the cliff with Covid in UK. Horrific, unimaginable and deeply immoral loss of life which he allows to continue.


Pity Johnson didn't take advice of WHO when he lifted restrictions in July. Appallingly reckless and downright immoral to gamble with lives. So far the decision has killed 11,527 innocent people. Horrific and deeply tragic.


Johnson’s decision to relax restrictions in July has so far killed over 11 and a half thousand people. Horrific, tragic  & downright immoral gamble with lives.

His leadership has been, AND STILL IS, unthinking, uncaring & criminally negligent.

Only way ahead




Pleased that vaccines have prevented 300,000+ deaths. But unimaginably horrific that UK has already suffered 167,000 deaths from Covid.



Sadly and inexplicably Andrew Pollard is too willing to accept that Covid cannot be defeated. He's waving the white flag and he's wrong. Vaccines PLUS mitigations will almost, if not entirely, get rid of the virus - not difficult to do.


Pleased Queen is well again. Am a staunch Republican but admire her sense of duty. Pity this didn’t extend to using her constitutional position quite lawfully to insist on a coalition govt to unify the country thus preventing horrific carnage of her subjects under Johnson – tragically 167,000 of them.


Charles, you'd do better to ask your mother to use her constitutional authority to request Boris Johnson to leave his job and spend more time with his family.

So far he's allowed 167,000 of her subjects to die from Covid - horrific, tragic and deeply immoral.



Totally agree. Triggle is a govt propagandist. He should be drawing attention to Johnson's appalling and unscientific decision to lift restrictions in July which has so far resulted in almost 12,000 avoidable deaths. (Eng) Horrific, immoral and deeply tragic.




I'm afraid you're wrong about UK death toll, Sarah.

It's not unbelievably low as you said on WATO, it's the opposite - tragically high, 12,000 Covid deaths in Eng since Johnson's insane lifting of restrictions in July


Deepti Gurdasani thread




Bizarre comment and totally wrong from scientist that we shouldn't compare Covid situation in different countries. Obviously different factors at play but we must learn from successful countries and those who have failed.



And a reminder that our decision-makers in UK have allowed 168,000 innocent people to die from Covid - either because of "tradeoff" between lives and livelihoods or"tradeoff" between lives and spurious liberties.



Desperately tragic and avoidable that 27 people died in the Channel yesterday. Even more desperately tragic and avoidable that 149 people in UK died from Covid yesterday – to add to 168,000 so far.

Way to save lives is #nanocovid


Johnson’s & Javid’s insane decision to lift restrictions on 19 July has so far allowed 12530 (224 per M) people to die from Covid in England. Far worse than other European countries:

Aust        1385 (154)

Belg        1458 (127)

Neth       1270 (75)

Germ      7927 (96)

Den         278 (46)

Fr            7161(107)

It             5433 (90)

Sp           6747 (144)

Javid deliberately trying to mislead us re Europe.



We have restrictions to fight Covid because we care for each other. As well as being a natural instinct that makes us human, caring for each other is a basic evolutionary and biological necessity.


“UK’s plan against Covid has been working” PM at briefing 27/11

Johnson and Javid must be the only 2 dolts in the country who think they’ve done a good job by allowing 168,000 people to die from Covid – 12,000 in England alone since they lifted restrictions on 19 July



Let's be kind - they do have learning difficulties. It's not easy being born with your brain in your backside.



Shu-Ti Chiou



Border control, elimination of sources, universal self protection, and lockdown when necessary, are the 4 pillars to best performance in protection of human lives, economy and freedom under the pandemic.





We need to go for Nano Covid more than ever before


Why do we need it? 

What does it mean?. 

How do we reach it?

Is it realistic?

See updated post at:



Xmas parties foolish this year. So ignore Johnson's advice as this so far has allowed 169,000 people to die.



Why do we need it?

What does it mean?

How do we reach it?

Is it realistic?




It seems that some people who have the symptoms of the common cold actually have Covid but just think they have a cold. I haven't heard any messages from the government about this but it is clearly essential for anyone who has cold symptoms to test themselves to prevent the virus spreading.



“Strong decision” to lift restrictions in summer – words of Charles Walker, MP


It was an INSANE DECISION resulting in 14,000 mostly avoidable deaths since 19 July.

A deeply tragic, horrific, immoral and criminally negligent decision by Johnson


FAO: Tory MPs who believe reintroducing protections are a disgrace.

It can NEVER BE A DISGRACE for people to come together in society to save lives

Urge you to consider the anguish of loved ones of 170,000 people who have died from Covid & have the humility to rethink your views



9/12/21 replying to Luke Johnson

Lockdown actually saved tens of thousands of lives, Luke, and I hope I'm not hypocritical or selfish. I was certainly not insulated from its harms.

What you said on radio re NHS neglecting cancer and heart patients is not true. Neither my haematologist nor my GP has neglected me.


10/12/21 r to Deepti

Agree, sadly, that normalised policy has been unscientific and immoral and resulted in preventable mass death and suffering. We've let ourselves down badly as a society, nationally and globally. But for the sake of humanity we must not surrender to the virus even if others do.


Agree on both points. But in UK and elsewhere lockdowns brought down infections and deaths massively - until lax behaviour pushed them up again.

As for neglect my sample is also family, friends and acquaintances who have not been neglected by NHS plus what I hear on news reports.


BBC continues to give a far greater proportion of news coverage to spokespeople who are opposed to Covid restrictions.  As I've stated before most people have consistently been in favour of introducing restrictions when necessary and this should be reflected in the coverage. We all empathise with those in the hospitality and travel industries who are suffering hardship but they cannot be allowed to run the country.

In the past 2 days I've heard on Radio 4 or BBC News Channel a number of MPs spreading misinformation about the Omicron variant. Plus Luke Johnson's comments on the World at One were wrong and his assertions  about the NHS neglecting people with non- Covid illnesses was a disgrace. It should have been immediately challenged.

Deepti Gurdasani amongst others offers some of the best commentary and scientific evidence available about the virus and I would like to think that your producers, editors and presenters read her comments on Twitter regularly.

I'm bound to say I agree with her point below.

Best regards

Alan Kerr


Oh, and are journalists, and media outlets ever going to consider the history of accuracy of predictions of the 'experts' they platform. Because more often than not I see people who've repeatedly been wrong about every single thing so far, given space to be wrong about more.



Covid totally OUT OF CONTROL again. Cases 344,000 a week; deaths 831 a week, 43,000 a year. Hosps up.

TOTAL DEATHS to date 170,000 – Over ONE IN 400 UK CITIZENS

Horrific. Tragic. Completely avoidable.

Only way back to normal life is:



she walks in beauty



“Nano Covid:” getting deaths/harms from Covid down to absolute minimum while acknowledging that complete elimination (“Zero Covid”) may not be possible. We reach Nano Covid with 3 things: •changing our mindsets •best possible behavior •making use of all available health care


Dec 9

We can’t break the economy again on the basis of “just in case”. Already hearing hospitality businesses in the constituency being hammered by cancellations at the most important time of year for them. 2% hit on GDP is horrific.…


2% hit on GDP infinitely less horrific than 170,OO0 people killed by Covid so far with all the suffering this has caused. Think again, Greg. How many more deaths do you want?



I hope the verdict from Shropshire on Johnson's leadership is as much about the horrific & tragic fact that he has now allowed 171,000 people to die from Covid as it is about his very foolish behaviour generally.


Every MP has a moral duty to society and their constituents to support reintroducing Covid precautions immediately. No one must vote against or abstain for 2 reasons:

1  Despite the vaccinaton programme the Delta and Omricon variants are totally out of control. This has largely been caused by the general state of relaxed behaviour arisng from the belief, encouraged by the govt, that the vaccines had worked their magic and that life could return to normal. Tragically this behaviour has led to ? deaths just since July and a total now of over 170,000. This is an unimaginably horrific number which has brought anguish and suffering to hundreds of thousand of people. Sadly it is also a reflection of the fact that the management of Covid in the UK has been an appalling failure so far.

It has been clear since ?? that the only way to reduce infects and deaths is to ### It may not be possible to eliminate virus completely but it can easily be chased down to a min level Taking the view that we can live with virus at current level of ###or an even higher level with Om is immoral, lacking in compassion, and totally unacceptable. The govt must act to save lives – which is the first duty of any govt.

2 Voting against the precautions is quite simply an act of surrender – waving the white flag.

voting for ####will save lives voting against will lose lives. No one can possibly want any more avoiodable loss of life from Covid.

Covid deaths UK: 172,000; average annual death rate of 98,000.        Since disastrous decision to relax protections in July, 15,000 deaths in England alone.

Comparison with 2nd World War: 67,000 civilian casualties, annual average  11,000; military casualties 384,000, annual average 64,000.



Sorry. No Christmas cheer here.

Deaths from Covid in UK currently 9 times greater than civilian deaths in 2nd World War, 1.5 times greater than military casualties.




I'm afraid I can't reconcile what you said about not returning to restrictions, including in churches, with the Christian message of loving your neighbour It's surely not a great sacrifice to return to remote worship - sacrifice also at heart of Chty



Only way to have a Happy New Year, save lives & get back to normal is to chase down the virus & go for Nano Covid.

Deaths from Covid in UK currently 9 times greater than civilian deaths in 2nd World War, 1.5 times greater than military casualties.



No, Ron, I'm not a liar. I use similar stats for ww2 but use official govt stat for Covid deaths registered on death certificate. As I've put in my post working out the annual averages, which is reasonable, gives figures in my tweet - horrific and tragic as they are.



ONLY WAY to have a Happy New Year is to chase virus down to a minimum not learn to live with it. This policy has failed disastrously.









Best thing to do is ignore Johnson's advice and have a quiet time at home with family and loved ones.

Perhaps send money you save to pub, club or restaurant you would have gone to.

ONLY WAY to have a Happy New Year is Nano Covid.



I'm sure Whitty is intelligent, diligent & caring. But tragically he made, & is still making, the wrong call on Covid. We have the most unimaginable loss of life because his strategy has been mitigation, not suppression.

We MUST have Nano Covid.


I'm sure Whitty is intelligent, diligent & caring. But he made, & is still making, the wrong call on Covid. 172,000 people have died because his strategy has been mitigation, not suppression. Unimaginably horrific & deeply tragic.

We MUST have Nano Covid


Reply noted, thanks. I’m sure we’re on same side in not wanting more devastating loss of life, financial hardship, & massive disruption to daily life from testing, isolating, Covid passes etc

But living with virus hasn’t worked & won’t work which is why we need to change course.



Only way to have a better new year, save lives & get back to normal is to chase down the virus & go for Nano Covid.

Deaths from Covid in UK currently 9 times greater than civilian deaths in 2nd World War, 1.5 times greater than military casualties.



Johnson's brain fog has subsumed him completely. Someone tell him about death toll, long covid, anguish of the bereaved, disruption to economy, chaos of daily life with testing, isolating, working from home etc.

Only path to take is Nano Covid


Someone tell Johnson about death toll, the overwhelmed NHS, long covid, anguish of the bereaved, disruption to economy & education, plus chaos of daily life with testing, isolating, working from home etc



FAO: All MPs


We must come together as a nation in a determined effort to defeat the virus and get it down to a minimal level.

A GOVT OF NATIONAL UNITY is the best way to do this.


Covid situation in UK is VERY, VERY GRIM, getting grimmer by the day. Cases up almost 300,000 in past 7 days, hosps up by 6,000.

DEATHS up 56% to 1094 a week, ie 57,000 a year.



Covid situation in UK is VERY GRIM, getting grimmer by the day.

Last 7 days:

Cases   1 & a quarter million

Hosps  15,812

Deaths Up by 353 to 1120

             Horrific 58,240 a year



Covid situation in UK is VERY GRIM.

Last 7 days:

Deaths 1,660  up 81%

            86,320 a year. Horrific. Tragic for so many.

ONLY WAY TO SAVE LIVES AND GET BACK TO NORMAL is Nano Covid NOT learning to live with virus.



Covid situation in UK still VERY GRIM.

Last 7 days:

Deaths 1,834  up 539 (42%)

            95,368 a year. Horrific. Tragic.




Heard Streeting say we have to learn to live with the virus. Couldn't be more wrong I'm afraid.

This is the govt's big lie. It's abject surrender.

How many deaths is Labour offering the virus in return?

50 a week, 500 a week, 5,000 a week?

We’re all looking to Lab to fight virus not wave white flag



Learning to live with the virus is abject surrender & won’t work.

How many UK deaths are we offering the virus in return for this surrender?

50 a week, 500 a week, 5,000 a week?



Johnson’s parties show his uncaring, unthinking & deeply immoral response to Covid. Saving lives should always have been priority. Opting for mitigation rather than suppression has so far cost 176,000 lives – greatest peacetime disaster in UK history. See:




Latest revelation re parties confirms uncaring, unthinking, unethical & casual response to Covid at heart of Johnson govt. Saving lives has never been absolute priority which has led to 176,000 deaths so far, greatest peacetime disaster in UK history. See



Johnson & govt made yet another grotesque error of judgement over Omicron. Very firm messages & LEADERSHIP about behaviour over Christmas would have saved hundreds of lives.


Living with virus won’t work. It must be chased down.

Not difficult to do with vaccines, medication & treatments


Always keeping 2m+ apart

Always wearing a mask

No household mixing

No car sharing

No non-essential leisure

No non-essential face to face contact

Determination, discipline, impeccable behaviour, thinking of others

Financial support for all who need it




Johnson talks about misjudgements. By far his greatest misjudgement has been to allow 176,000 people to die from Covid – mostly avoidable. Saving lives has never been govt’s absolute priority.

No apology can ever be adequate.



Frost is profoundly wrong. No one wanted or wants lockdowns but tens of thousands more innocent people would have died from Covid without them - adding to the 176,000 who already have.



FAO Ros A & producer

Pleased to see coverage of China's Covid response on BBC News but felt it had a belittling, dismissive tone. We should be celebrating their incredible achievement in keeping deaths to such a small number & learning from them. Need longer & objective covge.


Covid situation in UK still appalling despite lower infection rate

Last 7 days:

Deaths 1,904 ie 99,008 a year

Horrific. Tragic



I despair.

If protections have brought infections down then COMMON SENSE dictates you keep them not remove them.

If you have the enemy on the run you DON’T SURRENDER you attack even harder.

Keep Plan B and add to it with very firm messaging.



  • We need to learn to live with car crashes!” the prime minister announced, calling an end to driving tests, seatbelts, road signs, air bags, crumple zones, traffic lights, drink driving limits, speed limits, steering wheels…


WHO spokesperson, MvK, right to be alarmed by latest govt BLUNDER to remove Plan B protections We should all be alarmed

If protections have brought infections down COMMON SENSE dictates you don't remove them

When enemy on the run you DON’T SURRENDER



Johnson’s parties almost trivial compared with his disastrous Covid policy.

His negligence has resulted in horrific death toll:
since start of pandemic 177,000

since mid July last yr 25,958

since 17 Dec last yr 7,654



Johnson’s partying character has been unsuited to leading country through pandemic. His leadership has been disastrous resulting in horrific death toll of 177,000.

We must have a govt of national unity & a change of course to prevent more carnage. See:



“Omicron has brought horrific death and suffering which, tragically for so many, still continues. It is not a mild variant, it is lethal, vicious and utterly merciless…”

Read full post in update to:



2 questions for Johnson at PMQs

How can you possibly be satisfied with your response to pandemic when you have allowed 177,000 UK citizens to die of Covid?

Why are foolish members of your party not wearing masks in Chamber when this behaviour spreads virus and kills people?



It has brought death but then so has pneumonia, every year. Death and suffering is a fact of life. You will die soon. A Government has to balance many things. Your link exhibits a level of control, fear, irrational tendency and paranoia that suggests you need help.


Thanks, Thomas. Comment noted. Most people know that death is a fact of life - basic biology that all living things die, non-sentient as well as sentient. But knowing that is not a logical reason to ignore it or surrender to it - or to suffering. This is why we have health care.

I may not be best judge of my mental health but I don't think I'm suffering from paranoia. I understand people's anxieties about the virus but it's important to confront the facts however unpleasant they are.



I don't believe in a monarchy but greatly admire Queen’s commitment to duty. She should mark jubilee by using her authority to perform her most vital duty ever: to insist on a govt of national unity - to defeat Covid & bring about a fairer society. See:


 I admire Queen’s commitment to duty. Tragically her reign will be remembered not for its length but for enormous & avoidable death toll from Covid

178,000 of her subjects have died and perhaps her duty should have been to insist on a govt of national unity to defeat the virus


GCSEs are well past their sell-by date. We should bring them to an end.

Short case:

Full case:



Good news that cases & deaths from Covid continue to fall but not a reason to relax. If you have enemy on run you keep chasing hard, you don’t let them regroup. Utter stupidity for Johnson to remove all protections.

See Nano Covid update at: