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Manifesto for the new decade


The extract below is from the Quercus Manifesto I wrote for the general election in December. It was based on a very similar manifesto I put together for the 2017 election and contains policies based on enduring precepts that have shaped human behaviour for a long time.


I am hopeful that if these precepts and policies were to form the basis of how society is organised in the coming decade we could make progress towards fulfilling the aim expressed on the title page: well-being for all in a caring and fair society.


Perhaps if you come across the manifesto you may be able to spare a few minutes to read through the whole document and carefully consider what it has to offer.




Aims and aspirations 


We will strive to ensure the best possible mental and physical well-being for everyone irrespective of our varied human attributes such as age, gender, individual needs, ethnicity or beliefs.  We will do this in order to enable individuals and families to lead fulfilled and happy lives.


We will aspire to create a caring, compassionate society in which everyone is encouraged to be loving, kind, generous, unselfish, neighbourly, gentle, tolerant and respectful.


We will fully support those who need help in any way or for any reason. We will do this collectively through the machinery of the state and by supporting charitable organisations and individual action. 


We will aim to build a fairer society in terms of individual and household income.   


We will work to achieve a collective mindset where all jobs are seen to be worthwhile and contributing to the welfare of others …


For the manifesto in full click here.