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Putin’s invasion is a flagrant breach of international law. Tragically it is therefore time for UN, not NATO, to issue an ULTIMATUM stating that, unless he orders a withdrawal, MILITARY FORCE will be used to eject him.



19/2/20  Care workers, whichever country they are from, are worth at least 1000 points. They are skilled and caring, and contribute massively to the well-being of individuals and society as a whole.


23/1/20  HS2 is a huge waste of taxpayers' hard-earned money. The money would be much better spent on improved rail connections and networks of cycleways.


24/11/19  Thank you Pope Francis for your powerful message about nuclear disarmament.

We regard nuclear weapons as the greatest folly of humankind and will dispense with those that we have.

More on defence policy in Quercus Manifesto.


4/11/19  The world should heed the warning of one of the twentieth  century’s greatest leaders, Mikhail Gorbachev. We should get rid of all nuclear weapons – the greatest folly of humankind.


14/10/19  Pomp and ceremony of state opening of parliament is pretty but irrelevant. Should have been consigned to the archives long ago. Far more important to have a parliament in which decisions are made in a courteous, sensible manner underpinned by rational rather than tribal thinking.


8/10/19  More Liberal undemocracy. MPs should not be permitted to switch parties. They should stand down as an MP first and trigger a by-election where they can put themselves forward as a candidate for the party they have joined.


1/10/19  Excellent to raise living wage to 10.50 - although I'm a 12.50 person myself. We must value properly the contribution that low paid workers make to society. See why at:


26/9/19  Yesterday’s appalling behaviour in the House of Commons confirms my view that it’s not this parliament that’s dead but our whole dismal system of tribal politics. For a better way of doing democracy see:


30/8/19  Not respecting the result of the referendum is a far greater affront to democracy than what, in practice, is a relatively short prorogation of parliament. See 2nd post at:


22/7/19  Jo's first task must be to change the name of her party. If it's her intention to reverse the result of the referendum it can't have "democrats" anywhere near it.


3/7/19  Great skill and passion shown by women’s national football team. But will huge public interest result in more people playing sport or more people just watching? The former I hope, the latter I fear.

See previous post at:


4/6/19  Sometimes regret not being a monarchist. The pageantry and splendour of state occasions is spectacular and brings a sense of collective well-being.

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15/5/19 Let’s use the exam season to think carefully about how our pupils should be assessed. See why we should keep SATs and abolish GCSEs. 


8/5/19   I’m a Corbyn voter and a clean-break Brexiter but the Prime Minister still has my full support. Through her impressive leadership she has forged a sensible compromise in the national interest but has been badly let down by too many MPs unable to grasp what this means. 


29/4/19  See why Change UK needs to change direction.  


18/4/19  This Easter, MPs and all of us, should reflect on an event in human history that was far more momentous than leaving the European Union will ever be. Please read final paragraph of Recess Reflections at: 


21/3/19  PM is right to be critical of many MPs. She has worked tirelessly in the national interest to forge a sensible compromise that respects different views. If MPs reflect calmly and rationally on her deal they will find they can support it. (I'm a Corbyn voter and No Dealer)


18/3/19  My wish to leave the EU is being put at risk by No Dealers. I’d be happy with a No Deal myself but I believe the PM’s deal is a sensible compromise in the national interest. I urge you to support it.


15/3/19  Hoping the appalling behaviour exhibited by many MPs during Brexit debates will stop. Heckling, baying and shouting out comments do not promote calm, rational decision-making. See also my letter at:


18/2/19  Hold fast that which is good. (1 Thess. 5.2 ) Best advice for all of us, whatever our beliefs, as we start a new week. (Plus Hold fast etc used as part of reply)


12/2/19  GCSEs are well past their sell-by date. I entirely agree they should be replaced. See why they fail the test at:


21/1/19  If no one wants a hard border the obvious common-sense solution to the backstop issue is for the EU to grant Ireland special status and allow it to have its own free trade arrangement with the UK. Sorted


7/1/19   Theresa May absolutely right to say there are more important things in life than Brexit. The whole subject needs to be put into perspective.          


20/12/18  As usual, behaviour at PMQs yesterday desperately immature. Time to get rid of this unseemly ritual which does nothing to advance calm, rational discussion of important issues.


17/12/18  Still rooting for you Prime Minister despite being a Corbyn voter and a firm Brexiteer. Your deal is sensible and pragmatic and won’t disrupt the economy. A bit more work on the backstop needed.


29/11/18  GDP debate: as a society our aim should be to distribute GDP much more equitably rather than continually trying to increase it.


3/11/18  See Budget Briefing for why our ambition should be to phase in a living wage of 12.50 an hour over the next 8 years. Definitely possible.


2/11/18  Budget in brief:  mental health crisis service excellent, commitment to enterprise OK, living wage not good enough. See:


20/10/18  To all People Marchers: as I also belong to the people perhaps you can spare a moment to see one of the reasons I voted to leave the EU. Many thanks if you can.


20/10/18  Totally agree with Barry Gardiner that we should suspend arms sales to Saudi Arabia. And then we should begin to phase them out altogether. 


19/10/18  “Should we provide more houses that people can afford to rent or should we be making houses more affordable to buy? …”

Read: Affordable homes – the case for buying                            


5/10/18   @STEPHENSONDHlEM Nice one Stephen.: it doesn't have to be fun to be fun. I agree.  (Heard your BBC interview)


18/9/18   Lib Dems should act out their belief in democracy and accept the democratic outcome of the referendum. For a different perspective see Brexit, a global, good news story:


4/9/18     Urgent need to get more young people using school sports facilities in the holidays and at weekends. See Denis Law and Harry Kane at:


16/8/18   Well done to all those who have gained good A levels and equally well done to all those who have gained good vocational qualifications. 


17/7/18   There’s a lot about Donald Trump’s values and behaviour I don’t like but he’s on the right lines trying to protect American industry. See why there’s nothing much wrong with protectionism:


10/7/18   Chequers agreement - EU rule book for trading standards OK but a global rule book would be even better. We must think beyond Europe not only in trade but in every aspect of our relationships with other countries. 


4/7/18     Exciting match. Great result. But arguing with the referee needs to be eradicated from football. For more on the not so beautiful game see: 


21/6/18   Disagree with your comment on the Moral Maze that a lot of people are getting free rubbish healthcare. The vast majority of people receive outstanding healthcare which makes an immense contribution to the quality of their lives. 


7/6/18     More Punch and Judy nonsense at PMQs yesterday. Parliament should be the place for calm, rational discussion not the baying of rival mobs. 


4/6/18     Interesting to revisit the events surrounding the Jeremy Thorpe saga but big mistake to dramatise them in a light-hearted manner. Conspiracy to murder is one of the most serious offences that exists.


17/5/18   Won’t be reading Punch and Judy Politics – a guide to PMQs. No place for this bizarre ritual in a mature democracy. Read why at:


10/5/18   Can’t accept the home secretary comes from a humble background. His dad was a bus driver and that’s a top job. See: 


4/5/18    Compared with the trauma of Syria anxieties about Brexit are trivial. See: thoughts on Syria and Brexit.


26/4/18  The effects of sugar are far from sweet as Hugh F-W has reminded us. Reducing obesity will be good for individuals and good for easing pressure on the NHS.  


17/4/18  The UK’s global role post Brexit must be to work tirelessly to strengthen the United Nations so it can protect all our fellow human beings in Syria and throughout the world. 


9/4/18    By far the best way to reduce violent crime is for parents and schools to do much more to instil the right behaviour, values and character in children. See Forever Learning ps 101/2. (can be read in section on Educating for a harmonious and caring society in Chapter 7, Purposes                                                                                                                                                 

4/4/18    Income inequality gap is more of a burning issue than gender pay gap. 


2/4/18    For me the essence of the Christian message, and therefore the message of Easter, is not about loving God it’s about loving each other.  


31/3/18  Let’s think about some of the big questions around the meaning of Easter. 


29/3/18  Countdown to Brexit – a global good news story.   


23/3/18  We should be doing much more to persuade people to lead healthy lifestyles both for their own benefit and in order to reduce the demand on the NHS.


22/3/18    Very pleased about NHS pay rise. All who work in the health service absolutely deserve it - plus they deserve our huge gratitude for the excellent care they provide.  


14/3/18    Can we reduce the demand on the NHS with more forceful education about the dangers of unhealthy lifestyles?         


9/3/18      We should only manufacture armaments for our own defence not for export to countries like Saudi Arabia.




We shall walk in velvet shoes

Wherever we go

Silence will fall like dews

On white silence below.

We shall walk in the snow.


Velvet Shoes by Elinor Wylie


For the whole of this beautiful poem visit:


22/2/18     Our political discourse is in urgent need of better listening. It should not be an exchange of entrenched, polarised opinions laced with slogans, insults and sweeping statements. It should be about listening with respect to other viewpoints …


17/2/18     In awe of the incredible things winter Olympians do. Not entirely sure why they do them but know why I watch.

See post about Rio Olympics.


9/2/18       FAO: Nick Gibb, Schools Minister. No more exams, Nick. Teachers should instead build plenty of revision, reinforcement and assessment into their lessons. This is a far better way of learning. 


6/2/18       Carilion: we shouldn’t condemn the principle of public sector outsourcing on the basis of one spectacular failure.


6/2/18       Best way to reduce speeding on our roads: campaigns in the media, mobile speed cameras, and fining everyone who exceeds the limit by more than 5mph.


26/1/18     Brexit. I'm no BRINO.


22/1/18     Agree with Norman Lamb that there should be a cross-party approach to NHS. Tribal politics getting in the way of careful thinking. Not a sign of a mature democracy.


4/1/18      Mantra for the New Year: be loving, be kind, think well. We do not need to wait for the government to take action. As individuals we can make the world a better place.


28/12/17   Brexit - a global, good news story.


9/12/17     My hope is that in the near future the minimum wage will be at least 12.50 an hour. If this means higher prices for us all then this is something we should willingly accept.


5/12/17     We must acknowledge the invaluable contribution that less skiiled but immensely worthwhile jobs make to our lives.


13/10/17   The conference cough. More in-depth analysis.


14/9/17     Great to see bricklayers and electricians earning good salaries. Does this cast doubt on the much vaunted graduate premium?


8/9/17       Be kind - the most important rule at Prince George's school and should be the most important at every school.


24/8/17      It's time we did away with GCSE results day by doing away with. GCSEs. 


24/8/17      Writing at breakneck speed in a GCSE exam about the characters in Romeo and Juliet is not a skill that prepares young people for life.


15/8/17       Partition - sadly secatarian violence continues to bring suffering to the world. We must work harder to eliminate it.


4/8/17         A mature democracy would have a May/Corbyn coalition governing for the whole country.


2/8/17         Passchendaele: we must honour the sacrifice of those who died but reflect on the folly of war. 


26/7/17       Good news. The nation is spared PMQs today and for the next few weeks.   


17/7/17       HS2 a huge mistake. Much better to invest in networks of traffic free cycleways in urban and rural areas.


15/7/17       I take the view, Simon, that everyone has the intellectual capacity to go to university.


15/7/17       Thanks for your thoughts, Tony, but there's much more to Brexit than ending free movement.


21/6/17        A May/Corbyn coalition would be good for our desperately immature democracy.


7/6/17         Defence: we regard nuclear weapons as the greatest folly of human kind and will not support the renewal of Trident.


26/5/17       We will argue that we are exploiting our fellow citizens if we pay them low salaries.


17/5/17       Manifesto: Education ... parents not the state should teach their children to read.


15/5/17       Manifesto: basic skills tests at 15 in English, maths, critical thinking and computing.


12/5/17       ... we will seek to bring about a gradual transformation in the purposes and priorities of our education system.


26/4/17       Fact checking our splendid system of democracy. I see Blair won in 2005 with the support of just 21.6% of the electorate. 


20/4/17       Decision made. I'll be voting for Jeremy. Reason at:


18/4/17       Vote no to grammar schools on 8 June. 


14/4/17       Why taking children on holiday in term time can be good for their education.