Dear Member of Parliament


May I urge you to come together in the national interest to replace Boris Johnson as Prime Minister. In allowing 176,000 UK citizens to die of Covid, with all the unimaginable suffering this has caused, he has led the country to probably its greatest ever peacetime disaster.


The failings in his management of the crisis can be seen clearly in the revelations about the parties. They confirm an uncaring, unthinking, unethical and casual response at the heart of his government which has been a major factor in the UK's appalling failure to control the virus. It has not been the only factor, of course, and I have been identifying our individual and collective failings throughout the pandemic. (see links)


As well as replacing Johnson may I also urge you to come together to form a cross-party government of national unity. The pandemic is still with us here in the UK and globally, and no amount of false optimism and hoping it has gone away will have the slightest effect on the virus. I despair that we have not learned this by now, nor it seems, any of the other lessons which your committee did such a good job in identifying last year. 


Tragically the most recent example of lessons not learned has been in the mismanagement of Omicron which, along with Delta, has led to 5,000 deaths since 17th December. Most of these would have been wholly avoidable if suitable measures and strong messaging had been implemented. Each has brought great pain and anguish to loved ones.


New variants of the virus will continue to outwit us unless it is chased down to an absolute minimum - which I call Nano Covid. Until this is achieved I fear there will be a massively increased loss of life and endless disruption to every aspect of society. In all humility the fears I have expressed over the past two years have nearly always proved to be accurate.


I hope perhaps you may previously have been able to spare a moment to read my piece on Nano Covid but if not, or if you would like to read it again, please visit this link:






Yours sincerely