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Brexit limericks written for national poetry day - see note below


It’s true to say Brexit’s a mess

Causing such a great deal of stress

So how about this

We make up and kiss

And other things seek to address.


Do or die, no surrender, cried Boris

As he charged towards Brussels with Joris

My stirrups and steed

Are all that I need

To deliver my message in temporis.


Note: Joris is one of the riders in Browning’s stirring poem “How they brought the good news from Ghent to Aix” – their route was not far away from Brussels. In temporis – in time. Boris likes his Latin. Listen to google translate and it rhymes quite well with Boris.


There once was a spider on Brenda

Do or die he vowed to defend her

So a web he did spin

Letting no falsehoods in

Nor permitting the law to surrender.


She’s seeking for truth thought the spider on Brenda

So my help I’ll judiciously lend her

To make things lawful

However awful

Prorogation illegal she must render.


Note: Lady Brenda Hales, President of the Supreme Court, wore a prominent brooch in the shape of a spider, when she delivered the court’s verdict on the prorogation of parliament.



Whilst walking in fields green and lush

Jo spied something that caused her to blush

Cows looking alert

And wearing a T-shirt

Saying “Bullocks for Brexit” … Oh tush!


When Brexit descended on Twitter

Some tweets became a tad bitter

So come what may

I’ve this to say

Let’s hope bitter Twitter gets sweeter.


Getting close to the first of November

Will treason and plot be what we remember?

Or perhaps great relief

For the end of our grief

And bewilderment at all the bad temper.





My brother and I were given "The Book of Nonsense" a long time ago! It contains "eight-and-forty" nonsense limericks by Edward Lear, all amusing and all brilliantly illustrated by Lear himself. I included two of them in Mrs Malone and one in Something I Remember - along with the very funny "There was a young lady of Diss".


I enjoyed reading Lear's limericks as a child and have enjoyed looking through them again. If you want to smile visit

and, of course, you can always make some up yourself.