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Hope you can please spare a few moments to read the paper. Whatever your views about Covid you should think carefully about its content and be open to changing your mind.




Living with Covid is utter madness. It has been yet another huge blunder by the government with unimaginably tragic consequences. Since Covid restrictions were lifted by Johnson and Javid in July 2021, 70,083 people in the UK have died from the virus bringing the total to a horrific 225,668. The pandemic is not over and we must stop talking about it in the past tense.


Instead we must accept that Covid has not gone away and be determined to chase it down. This paper explains how the virus can be almost completely eliminated by acknowledging our shortcomings in dealing with it and not repeating them. It proposes that there is a way to rid the UK and the rest of the world of the scourge of Covid and that with determination, discipline and personal responsibility this should not be difficult to achieve.




If no one catches Covid no one will be able to spread it. No getting it, no spreading it. It’s as simple as that.

Everyone must therefore make it their mission NOT to catch Covid.


Ridding the world of Covid is not fantasy; living with Covid is.


Note: Updates on numbers shown here



Latest weekly Covid deaths:  522 ie 27,144 per year

Total deaths now: 225,668

NB Annual deaths two & a half times greater than annual civilian deaths in 2nd World War




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Alan Kerr                                                                 11 May 2023