Extract from AK's Alternative Manifesto


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Although our present political system on the whole enables most individuals to lead comfortable lives we consider there is room for considerable improvement that will advance the well-being of everyone and help bring about a more harmonious society.


It is our view that our current political discourse exhibits insufficient wisdom and intelligence and displays a lack of clear thinking on many issues. It also exhibits a woeful lack of maturity on far too many occasions.


We will therefore move to introduce calm, rational and sensible debate to political discussion as soon as possible. A new culture of political discourse will be established in order to organise our society and govern the country in a way that delivers the best possible well-being for everyone.


We will remove the outdated tradition of tribal politics from our system and replace it with a mature and rational approach to discussion and decision-making. We will encourage everyone to listen carefully to each other’s point of view and where necessary adjust their own viewpoints to reach conclusions rather than rely on engrained beliefs and prejudices.


We will strive to create a society where all citizens are fully informed on all issues and on the arguments for and against particular courses of action.


After extensive public consultation we will draw up a written constitution which will embody a statement of each individual’s rights and obligations as well as the behaviour and values that will be expected of them. This constitution will form the basis on which society is organised and governed.


Our constitution will be designed so that we move away from our present system of unrepresentative democracy to one that will always deliver fairness and at the same time be responsive to the wishes of most people. It will also safeguard the rights and ways of life of minorities.


We will work to persuade people that the constitution should include the following: more referendums on key political issues; the abolition of the House of Lords; a new voting system to elect members of parliament; and procedures for coalition governments which, under the new system, would become the norm.


In terms of those who represent us we will move to replace political parties with groupings of like-minded people. All votes in parliament will become free votes and it will be quite normal for MPs not to vote in the same way as their colleagues. If a vote is lost in parliament this will not be regarded as politically significant.


There will be no official opposition as all MPs will be expected to be intelligent enough to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of proposals that are discussed.


Prime Minister’s Questions will be ended as the behaviour it engenders is desperately immature and unintelligent.